Slogging along with the ladder fit-up, Phoenix’s core framework gets together for the very first time.



Because the artifact of the Elenovo kambestrion is unusually robust, with it’s wide and heavy duty stanchions and generous loop dimensions, this design theme has been carried over into Phoenix’s kamarion and ladder construction.  Even though she is only seven tenths the size of Firefly, Phoenix will have the ability to handle much higher loads safely.  By the time struts are added to stabilize the kamarion, the limbs will be far and away her weakest link. Which is exactly what we want for developing maximum power.  In my experience, single component failure is always easier to deal with than multiple things going wrong.

It takes a fumbly old man about five minutes to get all the wedges and keys knocked into place properly.  No doubt a team of well trained ballista techs could get it done in a minute or so.



This basic design with the cross-wedge and keys came from Mr. Iriarte’s paper on the inswinging theory.  I added the idea of the steel cross-wedges rather than wooden ones shown in his paper.  Given the pounding I intend to give these parts, we don’t want any soft spots caused by inappropriate joinery.




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