I finally got the balls to cut into that nice chunk of walnut.


To my eye, her snout is still far too fat.  (I’m talking about the ballista now, not the German Sheppard.  Oona is a very sensitive and intelligent animal. I’d get a cold shoulder for sure if she thought I was making nose jokes at her expense.)

….And so, Phoenix’s forend will revisit the band saw for a little more trimming as soon as I get my nerve up again.  In the meantime, there are washers to ponder.

Also, any sharp eyed AP’s scrutinizing the above photo will be sure to object to the square-headed nuts bolting everything together.  They are just simple analogs.  Rivets are too permanent if there are changes to be made.

The corollary to this is, with a performance focused reconstruction, there are always changes to be made…




28 hours have elapsed since the above cuts were made.  With my chutzpah restored, the band saw has done it’s deed.

IMG_5123Click to enlarge.

And remembering for a moment, that inspiration from Trajan’s column: a double perspective, ancient rendition of an inswinger’s forend, outlined with little yellow markers.

prov 1

Uncommonly similar snouts, don’t ya think?  At least when this ancient art work is given the side view interpretation.  I have often thought that as a subject, “History” is the most cherry laden of disciplines.  As R says,  “It is better to know that you believe, than to believe that you know.”  We all choose the truths we care to inhabit.  Making sand castles with the evidence is the most common of traits and I’m as guilty of that as anyone.  With ancient history, the interesting propositions usually deal with hints and traces.  The “definitive” ones are often just banal.

And just because I can’t make up my mind on this whole flash bulb thing, here is Phoenix again with enhanced photons present.


It must be admitted that Firefly’s trigger and catch assembly looks a trifle dorky stuck on a smaller machine like Phoenix.  Someday I’ll make the little dear a new one, just her size.  Now I have to dream up some softening scallops for her forend.  All very artsy, I am sure.

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