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The first of our new magnum springs has been installed.    290′ of waxed, 1/4 ” nylon rope, with about 7,000 lbs. of linear tension.  Smells right to me.  Tuning imminent.  I’ll put the kettle on.

Following the theme of modularization implied by the loops  found on the original Orsova field frame,   every effort has been made to maximize all parts of the design in favor of simple, replaceable components.  This is in keeping with our intent to make the machine on a “nothing spared” basis.  It seems reasonable to assume that these weapons were well funded and had the benefit of multiple iterations to work out all the bugs.   In the area of torsion engine maintenance,   modular springs would surely be hard to beat.  Sneaky old Romans must have done something along these lines.

It looks like an old man with a sore back,  can disassemble Firefly and  swap out one of her springs in about 30 minutes.  20100205170154


Looking like a big fat sausage,  the leather covered end of the new 3 strand spring,  pops it’s head through the top end of the field frame.  20100131192826 An extra 15′ of spring cord has been included in the new springs.  This jumps the spring cord total from 275′  to 290′ per spring.  There are no visible gaps between the spring and the 3″ hole in the field frame.  It is packed completely full with 1/4″,  3 strand, nylon rope.  The spring is to be encased in a waxed covering of supple suede to protect it from chaffing on the sides of the hole.   Sleep now.

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