In hopes that we can take a direct reading of the range, rather than having to labor through multiple readings, leap frog fashion, out to Firefly’s 900 yard maximum range,  I have knocked together this five by seven foot radar reflector. This multi-purpose space blanket is advertised as radar reflective,  so it should work just fine with laser radiation as well.

It is expected that the extra mass in our new style of bolt will reduce Firefly’s range down to a bit under 800 yards. Even at that, this reflector will appear pretty small when we try and hit it with our fancy, 1600 yard, laser range finder. Fortunately the instrument we are using has a feature that filters out any background noise and just concentrates on the distance out to the reflector.

And to think, just the other day, I was having a case of old man frumpies at all this new-fangled, techno-wizardry.  What a flop-flipper!