The welding of the seam on the Mk IX’s went off nicely with the Tig welder. The chalk marks represent the final version of what what will be half-depth lightening cuts. This will still leave 1/8″ of material at the bottom of the depressions.

While a couple of tapered tongues could have been neatly forge welded together to form the U-strap, here at the LCF we try to keep our standards of authentic portrayal within the bounds of certain key questions. Things such as: how accurate? how far? how fast? how powerful? And the like. The smaller niceties of metalworking are more useful to us as accomplished entities, rather than unaccomplished diadems sparkling with the promise of 4th century metal working techinique. It is enough that the designs chosen here would be as equally feasible with a well equipped and well staffed black smithing operation, as by yours truly with a bunch of whirling electrons and hard tipped carbide.

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