Seeing as we are getting so picky in our old age,  I decided to invest in this little honey to brighten-up the proceedings.  If the Weather Gods cannot be placated, they can at least be measured.

It should show up on Monday, the 10th.  Perhaps by then we can do better than the six knots the weatherman is advertising for Saturday.  If not, then knots be dammed, we’ll settle for five or six of ’em, and pray for lulls.

A knotty problem to be sure. (Wince)


And later that same day:

In our pre-flight testing,  at 55 yards we managed to plop the first two shots right through the same hole before the deep cycle battery chugged to an end.   The battery has enough juice to cock about a dozen shots before it needs to be recharged, and it looks like I used up ten of those just testing the winch.  A few hours on the charger and we’ll be ready for action again.  (Note to self:  purchase longer jumper cables for field testing.  Then, with the motor running, the truck can power our little darlin’ all afternoon.)

Note: in the above photo the radial slices in the cardboard are where the fins cut through.  It is interesting that the rotation of the bolt induced by the spiral in the placement of the fins does not yield a more consistent result at this short range.  I would have thought that if the second shot had the good grace to go through the same hole as the first, it might have also had the fins rotate it into the same position.  Evidently, not.  The same bolt, with the same speed, at the same range, hitting the same mark, does not necessarily clock it’s rotation to a fixed point.  Just another factoid in the great puzzle that is this thing we are doing.

Both of these shots were done with the same 521 gram, blunt tipped bolt, from our recently made matched set.  Velocity was 316 fps for each shot.   That means our new set-up is producing 1782 foot pounds of muzzle energy as opposed to 1771 foot pounds back when we were shooting the lighter  399 gram bolt at 360 fps.  That lighter bolt is the one that made it out to 892 yards on our last field trip.

…not to put too fine a point on it or anything

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