The port fork of Phoenix’s Kamarion has started to take shape.  Much more hand grinding is needed to make everything blend nice and purty, just like Heron (or was it Philon?) instructs.  Appearances are important if you want the Emp to be impressed.  If looks could kill, and all that.


And because there are two sides to everything….


De Rebus Bellicis promoted new classes of super weapons to defend the Empire. Propaganda and polishing very often go hand in hand. Everything shiny and ticketyboo — it makes the people feel safe and helps keep the polity stable — knowing that their brave legions can keep the barbarians at bay.

And so, I polish on in the belief that not all ancient Roman ballistas from the Fourth Century looked like rough hammered brutes, blackened with scale and straight from the forge. If you want to make the ladies of Rome weep with relief, make your super weapons fit for parade.  Make them twinkle in the sun.  More people will see them that way.  And on the frontier, the Barbs will be intimidated by all the well maintained machines pointing out from the looming guard towers;  especially if your balistarii can manage to nail a few of them to trees from 300 yards or so. That was the story anyway.

So polish on MacDuff.  Empires are so darned costly to maintain.

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