At the heart of every  good catapult winch there is a pawl.  This the pivoting piece of steel that snicks into the teeth on the ratchet and allows the drum to rotate only in one direction.  It is vital to get this part right as I have no desire to get clobbered by a runaway handspike.   Better to overbuild it out of some high grade chrome moly,  than forever worry it is going to fail at a critical moment.  It might be a good idea to put a little leaf spring on the pawl, it would give gravity an assist by powering into the locked position.

Such are the Saturday afternoon musings of the catapult maker.  Balancing asymmetrical risk with judicious levels of reinforcement is just about as amusing and diverting as it gets around here.  Yeah, I know,  “It’s all great fun, until somebody puts out an I.”

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