For a long time now I have wanted to do some serious accuracy testing at 100, 200 and 300 yards.   Unfortunately, the place I found for today’s shoot had a backstop loaded with rocks that were hidden in the sand. My bolts and that hillside really did not get along. The hardened steel tips are undamaged by their ordeal, but the bamwood shafts shattered in many places.


The style of shooting I used in today’s jaunt could be best described as standing offhand.   There is no rear support for the machine other than my shoulder.  Where my shoulder goes, the machine points. Here is a video where you can see the fluid nature of Firefly’s aiming potential.  (The weight bearing down on my shoulder is about 20 lbs.) Click for vid:  00014(2)

And here are today’s shots in order of appearance:

(1) The target at 150 yards is a piece of 1/2″ plywood 24 inches square and painted white. The first shot was made with Firefly’s peep sight set at something that was just a wild guess.  At 150 yards the first shot hit ten feet low and to the right three feet.  Richard reckoned the flight time at 1 1/2 seconds.  My mental ticker estimated 2 seconds.  (Must bring a stopwatch next time.)  Muzzle velocity with 520 gram bolt was 305 fps.  (I guess that makes Richard’s brain clock, spot-on)

(2) A sight adjustment had the second shot strike just beneath the bottom edge of the target, and a few inches from it’s right hand edge.   (This is the shot seen in the above video.)

(3) Another sight adjustment and the third shot hit one foot low and six inches to the left of the plywood square.

(4) After another sight adjustment we hit a couple of inches away from the left hand edge of the plywood and in line with it’s lower edge.

(5) Yet another sight adjustment and, bingo!  Click for vid:  00017(1)(1)

(6) With the sixth and final shot I omitted making a change in the sight position and decided to use a little Kentucky windage to try and center the shot better.   It went high and right by a foot.  I figured my allowance had been a tad enthusiastic.  In any event, bolts were shattering on that hillside at an alarming rate, so I called off the proceedings.

Even with all the sight changes that were made, it was possible to see the shots from the machine respond fairly precisely to the adjustments I was putting into the rear sight.  My sense is that she will shoot into a one foot circle at that range.  But that, of course, is something we’ll have to prove with more rigorous testing.

Clearly, a better hillside is in order.

And, finally, Oona shows her stuff when it comes to bolt retrieval.  Click vor vid:  00015(1)

oona 1


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