Firefly is starting to paw the ground and snort for the race to be on.  Unfortunately her Warn winch needs a replacement shaft coupling, and that won’t be arriving until Wednesday.   No matter, there are always more bolts to build.  Our intrepid race horse of a catapult could also do with a new bowstring.  The current one is not as good as it should be.   I wouldn’t want some Roman busy-body to get all mil-spec on me about it.

An order of  broom handles arrived today.  I have ten of them 60″ long,  1 1/8″ diameter.  That’s enough to make 20 bolts for the low, low price of  $1.22 each.  Even better, they appear to be made from laminated bamboo,  Bamwood I think they call it.  It’s mostly very straight and appears easy to straighten when it is not.  Fooling around bending  it in the vise, showed it to be plenty tough.   This is really good news  ’cause I was kinda sweating what I’d use for shafting.

Also, I dug out a new-in-the-box  remote control set up for model airplanes.  By using it to control a  servo poised over the start button for the remote used with my camcorder,  I’m planning to get some good downrange footage of the terminal ballistics on these Bamwood bolts.  (That’s fancy talk for videoing them smash into things, up close and personal)

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  1. Harpoon Ahoy says:

    Just thought I’d let you know Phil Abrahams of talisman crossbows is so impressed with your machine, he is putting a link from his site to yours soon…

    “I’ll make ya famous!”

    from Wild guns and “Billy the Kid”.

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