Before committing to a bunch of extra stitching to help hold the individual 1/4″ strands in place,  I thought it might be wise to see if  more stitching  could wear on the innards of the spring and cause another raft of problems.  This is  the KISS principle.  Keep It Simple Stupid.   (“First,  do no harm”,  etc., etc.)   The following test was performed numerous times in the same spot, and no degradation of the 3 strand rope  was found to occur.   20100129121508 It seems that the worst that could happen is that the stitching will pop under load, but by then, who cares?.  It only serves to keep things under control while the springs are being installed.

Besides adding extra stitching to keep the strands in their proper places,  I decided to wax the spring cord as it was being laid down.  I was careful not to increase the lay of the  rope by allowing any extra spiral to build up as it was being wound around the jig.

This type of wax has a soft and tacky texture,  and penetrated deeply into the nylon rope.  I am betting that anything that serves to reduce the internal friction of the rope is going to be a big plus for making catapult springs.  Anyway, that’s the theory.  Back to my stitchery now.

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