Every preparation that can be made for our extreme range accuracy tests, has been made.  Now we must wait for a calm day. Without that there is not much point in even going out.  One or two knots is all I ask (although even that is a bit much for our purposes).  The forecast shows that everything in the near future is twelve knots and above.  One fellow has suggested that a bit of wind won’t hurt the accuracy of my one pound bolts at all.  Which, of course, is all proper nonsense.  Some folks just don’t understand the shooting sports, or, apparently, the exact nature of what we are trying to accomplish at half a mile with a chunk of ancient torsion tech.

Although, in fairness, it has been observed before on our little fifty yard firing range behind the shop, that a difference in ten knots or so doesn’t seem to move the group placement at all.   At that short range the shots kept plopping through the same hole in the target with monotonous regularity.  Which, of course,  is exactly what we’re after.  However, at 800 yards, the effects of air movement on the bolt will almost certainly be enough to degrade the group size.  Especially if it is gusting.

And so we wait.

Wait and wait and wait…..

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