The purpose of today’s test was to see if we had anymore waggle tails.  Pleased to report they are gone.  Suspected cause of the two we had last trip is that the machine’s spring bundles had to settle down again after being mothballed for two years (it was the first two shots of that previous outing that were errant)


bob and jane 2


There are 4 shots visible here and they all fell into a 35 foot circle.  The center of the group is at 760 yards.  A fifth shot could be called a flyer because it ended up 40 feet to the right of the group shown.  As usual, the bolts are my 520 gram “heavies”.  Velocities in fps, as follows:  322,  error, 316, 315, 302.   I had applied a brand new serving on the string and I think that is why we were getting higher speeds at the start of this string of shots.  Once it had abraded a bit the speed came down closer to 300 fps, which is normal for the settings I am using.  These fluctuations are very minor in the overall scheme of things and clearly did not mar the group size by much.

More remarkable is that this group was shot in a relatively high head-wind (15 mph, gusting to 20).  Before today I would never have thought it possible to do this well when the wind is up that high.   That it was a head-wind rather than a side-wind must be relevant; no way it could do that with a side-wind.  I am very glad Bob and Jane Thompson were there to witness it. Otherwise it would  sound like some tall tale, and that just ain’t my thing.  Here is a video of all the high drama as seen through the eyes of Bob and Jane.  Time stands still when the bolt is in flight.  Click for vid:   00017

And not to be left out,  Princess Oona seems to be taken with the proceedings.  Fetch the bolt girl…..  yeah, it’s out there 1/2 a mile, good luck with that….  00021

Bob and Jane inspect some Dura Europas bolts.  The blue bolt can go 900 yards and the smaller orange one can hit 1000 yards when it has a light tail wind.


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