Here is a photo of the new design for attaching the struts to the field frames.

The yoke and cross pin directs the forces straight down the strut  to help eliminate any deflection of that member.   Our previous version did not straddle the lug in so balanced a manner.  Natural selection at it’s finest.


And on another matter, it will be important to have a suitable reflector to bounce back the laser signal for our new range finder.   I am hoping that this five by seven foot, shiny space blanket will be large enough for the  laser to hit at a distance of over half a mile.   The blanket will need some kind of PVC, take-apart frame to mount it on.   Also,  judging from how wobbly I was last time out, trying to take the measurements off-hand is not the way to go.  The range finder will need to be tripod mounted to have any hope of engaging the reflector at Firefly’s maximum range.

And to all those wondering why I don’t just get on and shoot the bloody thing —  all in good time.  Rome was not built in a day.

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