Daughter Sarah has just been subjected to portions 0f this blog.   I have been assured that as a soporific, this project has few equals —  although any of Henry Kissinger’s tomes on international relations would probably be a worthy substitute for the truly sleepless.   Ambien aside,  eyelids fluttering closed are never a good sign when one’s audience is trapped by its own politeness.   The trouble with grand obsessions is that they only seem grand to the obsessed.  If you are reading any of this blog it is probably because, on some level, you too have been touched by the Catapult Gods in their endless quest for new converts.  Whether you are hurling pumpkins,  slinging rocks or blasting out bolts, a deep seated need for some form of kinetic recognition has captured your imagination.  Yes, it is fun.  Yes, it is dangerous.  And yes, you are being driven on by forces outside of yourself.  As a long time sufferer of this disease, I ask all my fellow enthusiasts to take a moment and look into the eyes of your loved ones.  If they appear at all like Sarah’s, you will know the Gods are pleased with you.

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  1. Joel Maki says:

    “Touched” by Catapult Gods?

    More like a sharp rap on the head pretty much on a regular basis! Shoot me your fax number and I’ll show ya how to get an extra 5 degrees of rotation and add a little more draw by simple limb and string change.

    Hope you enjoyed Robin Allens bullet bow string vid. probly about the same as what your doing though…

    YOur domain was down for a few days BTW. Glad its back up.

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