In our quest for a suitable backstop material, the rubber mulch used as a safe surface underneath playground equipment, seemed like a reasonable thing to try. 

Click here for some 4X slomo:  rubber-mulch 

Seeing this video we might conclude, perhaps not so much. 

However, several things were flawed in this test.  The lid on the bucket popped off and compression inside the target medium was lost.  The bolt seemed to rise a little higher than expected and did not hit the bucket as squarely as intended.  (In fact it exited the bucket, skimmed along the top of the bales of newspaper and left a healthy divet in the aluminum plate on the back of the cart.)  Also, it again seems I have the bowstring rigged too tightly.  The machine has performed 42 shots in total at the moment.  It has only been during the last dozen of these that strings have been breaking.  It may be that the dacron has been compromised by prior use.  It was left over from the Gallwey project a decade ago and has seen much use lifting any number of things.  New  5/8″ XLS double braid has been ordered and eventually we will get to the bottom of this.

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