The Catapult Gods have been in a bit of frump lately.  False leads, cracked hickory and wounded pride have all taken their toll.  We see in the photo below the whole sorry tale. 




Limb “A” was just a mock up to get the scallops properly located for limb “B”.  It was this limb “B”  design that went on to give us all our shooting results so far.  However, after 42 shots it had developed so many cracks in the scalloped area that I decided to upgrade to the limb “C” design.  It had a  full length steel brace and hook made from extremely tough PH15-5  material.   As good as this part of the “C” design was, it didn’t stop the hickory peavey handle from starting to split around the butt.   This proved disheartening to the point that yesterday I had a brief dalliance with design “D”.  It is basically a paddle shaped affair made from tw0 1″ planks of hickory backed with 1/4″ spring steel.   However, before I could finish it, I developed an irresistible urge to have another go at making the fancy  “C” design work, and so spent today in deep collaboration with mistress TIG to add on the extra tubing seen in design “E”. 

And it almost worked too.   After repeated testing of design “E” by taking the limbs up to 3000 lb. draw weight  (n0 actual shooting going on) it  became apparent  that the hickory was sustaining so many compression failures at the point that the wood exits the steel tube, it would not be a long lasting solution either.  And so, tomorrow I will delve into the ungainly looking  version “D” paddle limbs again.   To their credit, they are dead simple to build and should spread the load over the whole limb much more equally than any of the other designs.   On the negative, I cannot pretend that they seem as perfectly suited to the curved stanchions as I would like.  However, it is best to keep an open mind about these things.

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