Each morning we awake to smoke.  It hangs in the air as a gauzy reminder of how vulnerable this land is to the slightest spark of ignition.  The field where we have been testing Firefly is covered with cheatgrass.  This insidious weed, apart from having barbed seeds that worm their way into clothing and cause festering wounds when they penetrate the skin, has the mildly apocalyptic habit of drying out into the most finely textured tinder imaginable.  Horrible and dangerous stuff, but with the saving grace of making an excellent beer; although this latter is hardly enough to mitigate its destructive effects on the landscape.

Fire is a constant danger in late summer, and the fear of it has curtailed our field trials until the first rain.  So,  just in case you were wondering,  we may be taking a snooze, but the dreamin’ ain’t over yet.

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