Well, Sunday went bust in the midst of a heating stove emergency.  However, the word is my old friend Brian Kern, and his wife Kachi, will be knocking at our door later this week;  we’ll save our last field trip of the season pending their arrival.  It’s always good to share one’s catapult kinetics with friends,  that’s the only sure relief I get from the eye-rolls of certain locals.   The charms of ancient Roman torsion artillery do not appear to have penetrated the consciousness of the Okanogan, yet.  Usually I’m asked if that “thing” could kill a deer.  To which I respond with eye rolls of my own.

It all becomes very ocular intensive when we drive through town with Firefly in the back of the  truck, looking like one of those “technicals”,  straight out of Mogadishu or someplace.  It’s good for ’em, we figure.  Necks need exercise too.

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