The English longbow notwithstanding, bowyers have long known that heavy nocks retard cast.  However, I am starting to think that the idea of keeping the bow tips as light as possible may not be as much of a potential detriment on a 2 ton ballista as it is with the simple hand bow. There is a vital advantage to having a  weapon of war built as ruggedly as possible.  If adding a bit of weight to our ballista limbs has “X” amount of negative effect on the velocity, perhaps the extra strength of new, heavier limbs will allow higher pull weights that would easily eclipse the aforementioned “X”.  Therefore, acting upon this premise, I have ordered a pair of hickory peavey handles. Yes, I know, hickory isn’t period authentic for the Romans. And it is heavy. But the extra margin of safety it will yield seems worth the sacrifice.   In rethinking my dogma on limb design, I am forced to conclude that the more conventional cone shaped limbs with full length steel braces and well formed high tensile hooks, may be the best design alternative for this machine.  By simple good luck, the 5′ peavey handles seem perfectly proportioned for this purpose.   And so, a new set of limbs are in the works.  Inauthentic hickory and all.

………..Meanwhile back at the ranch,

the terror of the double braid eye splice has reemerged from its lair……..

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