Long time readers of this blog, may remember long time friend of the blog, Randi Richert.  I believe it was he that forwarded us this pic from back in the day.  Way back in the day, that is…

Randi R

The above is from Mr. T’s column.  Fighting the Dacians, or whatever.  Of interest here is the incised line in the stock of the machine, shown by the red arrow. Here is a bobble for all you Occamists to chew on.  The simplest, literal interpretation of this wide and deep line, running along the side of the stock, is that it is the groove needed for a rail system.

Note the “incised lines” for a rail system at points 1 & 2 in the sketch below.

rail sketch

A rail system provides the moving trigger block assembly with much improved tracking on the flight deck.  No more excessive clearances to prevent a wood slider from sticking in wet weather.  No wobbly bits to ruin accuracy.  No ungainly slider hanging out in front of the machine to give away your position or limit movement.  Not much to break or go out of tune.


Very good.  I rest my case.



Well that all sounds very emphatic.  Actually, I’m perfectly happy to admit that a conventional slider is still a highly likely interpretation.  However, please remember our virtuous addiction to “new and improved” when dealing with iron frame artifacts that are so revolutionary that they proclaim “New & Improved” at every turn in their unique geometry.  At least compared to all the wooden machines from previous centuries.  Failure to consider new paradigms is not logical when faced with evidence of revolutionary goings-on.

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