Teddy wants to know when his  ride will be finished.  Impatient little bear.  There is no hurry.  Don’t you know that the having of a thing is not always as satisfying as the wanting of it might seem to indicate.

Until Firefly came along, Teddy had no idea that he was left eye dominant.

Silly bear.   Didn’t they teach you anything in school?

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  1. Capn Harpoon says:

    I am glad Teddy finally decided on th correct seating arrangment. Im sure he is also dreaming of the new testing coming up, and getting to pull the trigger chain.

    Since he cant talk, he has no way of telling you that he thinks that if you put the arms in the new position, then the spring bundle tension might need to be backed off a tad so that as it reaches the position it is in now, the spring has wound the same amount of tension it has right now in the current 12 oclock position.

    Teddy says that once the arms go past the 12 oclock position and reverse direction, acceleration will/should naturally occur anyhow – even if not under a net force acting upon it. The amount of tension you elimate should have an corresponding effect upon overall machine effeciency.

    Since I doubt you will/can use much more than 85 or 90 degrees of rotation without the newer shorter arms, not a major concern right now but something to keep in mind for the new arms. Backing off the tension will be needed to take full advantage of the new arm design (more rotation cap.)without adding new additional stresses on the machine than what it currently handles (near maximum).

    Teddy needs a small hard hat or out he goes.

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