This grubby looking mock up is just me fooling around with one of the old limbs and some Dacron line.  I am trying to find a sensible way to deploy this material as a tension strap.  I think I’ve found it.  No hurry though.  We’ll sleep on it and see if this all looks as brilliant tomorrow as it does now.

I had planned on using Kevlar webbing for a tension strap, but that plan has a couple of problems with it.   First, with any webbing material there are a large number of the strands that run perpendicular to the line of tension.  In short they are not doing much, whereas with simple longitudinal fibers laid out as above, they all have some work to do.  My second problem with webbing is that …. well… it looks like webbing.  Yuk!

If I do it right, these Dacron fibers won’t be such an infernal eyesore.   They may even approximate the looks of bleached sinew.  Yum.

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