That big ol’ allen bolt trapped in the curved stanchion of the field frame is just a positioning spacer to see how our new Mk.X limbs are going to look on Little Miss Firefly.  Important stuff seeing as the Fall Fashion Season is almost upon us.

Well, I think they’re gonna look kinda cool.  And who’s to say they ain’t authentic?  Nobody really knows what those pesky old Romans got up to when designing the limbs for their radically innovative, iron frame inswingers.   After all, they were Italians right?

The nocks on the end of the limb, and the compression rings in the center, are formed by glue soaked wrappings of a high tensile string. I am confident the binding technique seen here, could be credibly rendered in flax/sinew and natural resins/glues.

Exploiting the characteristics of any particular design requires a granular understanding of the details.   Surely the Romans were big-time granularists.

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