As games go, this one makes a handy executive decision-maker.

Click for vid: 00033    or    00020   or   00024

Two say yes, and one a maybe.  Not exactly rock solid divination. Perhaps I need to frame questions about Phoenix a little differently.

Beats throwing darts at a dartboard though.

2 Responses to “Magic 8 blade”

  1. Charles W. Fink says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get any of your videos to work, but I am excited that you are thinking of building something else. I don’t know what the Phoenix concept is yet, but you are an excellent craftsman. I found a chart on the Sat. 2 April 2011 page. It rates Hickory as being more shock resistant than Osage Orange. I would question that. My old Dogyu hammer handle broke after many years. It is a japanese hammer with a lot of leverage for nail pulling. I replaced the unknown japanese wood with a hickory handle of equal length, but it wasn’t strong enough. When I used the osage orange it has worked for any task with no problem. It was the tree of choice for American Indian bows. It grows near my brothers home in Dallas Tx, and I found a tree here in Ct, but Washington, I don’t know. The limbs tend to grow in gentle arcs. When I was a kid in Illinois they used it as fence posts because it is very rot resistant. Its also called Boise D’arc. It is very heavy to ship, but if you travel it is worth looking for.

  2. Nick says:

    That’s too bad on the videos. I’ve always supposed they made all the pedantic detail of my scribblings a little more tolerable. As far as I can tell the website and it’s videos are working properly.

    “Phoenix” is basically a more powerful and updated version of Firefly. A very big project that I am only now beginning to undertake. Stay tuned……

    And yes! in my experience Osage Orange is some pretty tough stuff!

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