The washers have been rotated to start the torsioning procedure on the springs.  They are still pretty slushy because I intend to work up their torque levels very slowly.    This is quite time consuming because I need to shoot the machine several times between the washer adjustments.   The object is to progressively wring out  any pockets of slackness while at the same time moving the two spring bundles closer to a state of balance.

I only had a couple of hours to fuss with it today and I will have to put it all aside for a few days because other duties are clamoring away at me.   The three anemic shots I did get off answered one question at least:   at 45 degrees of draw the minimal nocks for the bowstring seem to work very well.  I didn’t  have any instances of the string flying off the limbs at the end of the power stroke.  This is surprising considering that the string loops were not lashed to the limb as I had planned.  I am grateful for this development.  Hopefully things will stay like this when the power gets cranked up.

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