Phoenix proceeds apace.  The stock is now fitted to the ladder and the rail is finished and waiting to be inletted.

The toothed sideplates are in the works and should be installed soon.  I have designed all the relevant components so that the trigger assembly from Firefly can be used on Phoenix.  This will put us much closer to getting our new machine up and shooting. When a new trigger assembly is eventually completed, both machines will have an interchangeable spare available.

As mentioned before in this blog, adapting Philon’s design for a wedge machine to work with an iron framer like the Elenovo ballista, will be the focus of our effort as we move into the final stages of making Phoenix.   If it can be made to work it will suggest an approach that answers the unaccountably small number of locking holes on the modioli of the Lyon machine.  It will also explain how the Romans could protect the delicate spring cord in a machine equipped with sharp, right angled edges on it’s crossbars.

I’m not much in the mood for any extended blogging, so I’ll leave it at that for now.  More will follow soon enough.



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