The snooze continues.

…….. Wait a minute though.  Something just woke me up.

…… Porcus Maximus.   All dressed up, and only one place to go.

I am thinking that if Myth Busters can get away with using a mini-gun to machine gun a filleted salmon in a barrel of water (the, “shooting a fish in a barrel, ” hypothesis),  then clearly the Little Catapult Factory can study the terminal ballistics of a 6,000 grain Roman ballista bolt, when it is zipping along at 330  feet per second,  and collides with helmeted Porcus here.  It really is science.   I promise.

Tomorrow I’ll switch to sharps.  Gotta get ’em dialed in for this.

The deepest thanks to Clodius Secundus  LEGIO lll CYRENAICA .   The helmet  is just the ticket to spice up our research  a tad.   Randi Richert will most certainly be Mentioned in Dispatches.

One Response to “Nolo contendere.”

  1. Randi Richert says:

    Glad to see that the trooper helmet arrived. It’s the least I could do to encourage your efforts. The pig’s head is the perfect finishing touch. Aside from just the cool factor, it will be interesting to see what happens when bolts hits pretty much the closest possible analog to the real deal.

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