This is still down the road a bit yet.  The challenge:  design a twin lever hand winch that will quickly pull back the bowstring at the lower weights experienced during the first half of the draw, yet also be able to gear down and tackle the higher weights at full draw.  A possible solution:  make the drum on the winch a cone shape.  The larger part of the cone will pull the rope in quickly, and as the rope winds on the drum the apparent leverage will increase as the drum diameter decreases.    If it can be made to work, this approach would be a lot simpler and more robust than changing gears somehow.  By keeping a careful record of the rate of change in the draw weight as the string is pulled back, it should be possible to figure out the most ideal cone shape for the drum.

Keep thinking Little Noddy.  If your head doesn’t explode first, you may actually finish this project before the barbarians breach the gate.

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