This little item showed up today.

It’s a new laser rangefinder with the capacity to measure out to 1600 yards.  At least they claim it will go that far if it is measuring off a reflective target,  however,  my backyard testing indicates it works fine out to 900 yards if it’s bouncing off evergreens.  My previous one wasn’t much good beyond 200 yards, and we’d have to do a minor relay event to make it out to Firefly’s maximum range.

Anyway,  we’re all agog at how cool it is.  Hey Richard, did you know that your pole barn is 673 yards away from my back porch?

…..Settle down,  you know how I like to ponder hypotheticals.


And as we move into a new bolt-making extravaganza, our thoughts turn to this little item from the British Museum.

The Catapult Gods are hard taskmasters,  but at least they have set us firm on another round of  maximum range testing.  Wood and metal chips must fly before we can again punch holes into a bright, blue sky.  Sometimes a change in work is as good as a vacation.

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