The smoke ridden hills of the Okanogan have finally been scrubbed clean by a nice bout of rain. Which can only mean one thing for ’ems of us wot got itchy trigger fingers.  Must ride the hills in search of a hill.  A nice soft hill with no sharp edges.  They are around, but usually locked away behind barbed wire and unfriendly signs that say things like “No catapults allowed” or “Keep your frigging catapult out of my pasture”, or some such.  Bet the Romans didn’t have this problem.

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  1. Charles W. Fink says:

    The phrase “can’t hit the side of a barn” occurred to me. You shouldn’t shoot at barns anyway, its wrong. But it would be nice to have a target as large as a barn. So what if the barn had armor? Iv’e been using old carpet as pond liner and garden mulch. Around here we have to pay the dump to take it. At first I thought of hanging several layers of overlapping strips in front of a building but a bolt through the roof would be bad. Today I made a small test target about 5’x5′. It seems to work. The idea is not so much to stop the bolt with brute force, but to confound its forward motion like a net and hopefully be able to shoot it again. A bolt easily pierces one layer of tight carpet, but when it hits a long thin strip, the strip can twist and redirect the bolt a little. I made three curtains of carpet strips and hung them on a frame about a foot apart. Each individual strip is 10″wide x 5′ long. They overlap about 1 1/2″, which gives them a slight tilt as they hang. The tilt should help steer the bolt as it loses energy. I alternated the curtains right, left, then right again. Its raining today so I had to try it out in our basement. My crossbow bolt never got to the third layer. I think this could be scaled up to a much larger target. The number of curtains and the spacing between them can be customized for the force and length of the projectile. Two trees could support a large target. It must hurt to loose those special bolts.

  2. nick says:

    It is an ouch when the bolts are shattered after their first shot. Your idea for a backstop would work fine I’m sure. But, for the size I need, it would be more labor than these old bones can manage. Thanks for the idea though.

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