So many chalk scribbles trying to figure Phoenix’s proboscis!




Rectilinearists will have to forgive us our curvy parts. This is the part where catapult-makers get to be all artsy; a chance to reveal our finely extruded sensibilities regarding shape and form. It’s a small role, so we have to make the most of it.

Next:  From the great cherry tree that is the historical record, I’ll mix me metaphorical fruit and pick this fat little plum.


forend aaa


A twisted piece of logic to be sure.  Much like the twisted double perspective prevalent elsewhere on Mr. T’s phallic offering.  Blue is the nosepiece.  Red is the trace of an inswinger limb….   (wink, wink, nod, nod, etc.)

According to my phantom adviser:  for obvious reasons, inswinger technology was a closely guarded military secret by the Romans.  Outright public depictions of it could result in severe penalties for the artists involved.  He muses how it has always been a black-robed technology.

Phantom advisors are so helpful.

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