When their epoxy soaked bindings finally cure, these Mk. X  limbs will need their bandages removed and a few minutes of sanding to tidy them up a bit.

To form them into an oval shape,  the  bindings are constricted by some temporary wrappings  of plastic film. Laid over that is even more tightly wound electrical tape.  With these low stretch Dacron bindings, the spreaders that are installed under the tension bands should hold their position nicely.

The high tensile wood screws seen projecting from the butt of the limb are screwed into pilot holes, with a smear of epoxy added for good measure.  The screws will be cut flush and they should guard against any of the minor end grain splitting we witnessed in the Mk. IX’s.

With any luck we should be able to risk a shot this coming Tuesday.  The weatherman promises a 3 mph wind from the north.

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