Actually it began about a month ago when I made a start on a fourth pair of limbs.  They have now been installed and test fired 20 times at full power.  So far they seem to be holding up fine.  The spring steel braces on the limbs are a much better design and that seems to be why they are holding up so much better.  The convex impact block seen attached to the limb in the photo below, can be packed out with shims to adjust the stopping point of the limb.  As noted in an earlier posting, this adjustment controls how exactly the string is picked up in its center by the catch.  It is also another way to adjust how slack the bowstring will be when the limbs are at rest.  This is vital to make sure the string is protected from the massive shock the limbs generate at the  end of their power stroke.  When properly adjusted, the limbs are brought safely to a stop only by the bronze hardstops attached to the curved stanchion on the field frame.   So far,  all these parts are working very well.


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