All the items in this next spread weight 200 grams, right on the nose.

Those lethal looking fellows in black have all had their tips hardened to around 45 RC for about an inch back.  All the better to administer their mortal intent on the hardened armour of  any ancient adversaries we might care to dream up.   Eventually, we hope their biting touch will be felt  by all the usual catalog of Fourth Century defensive sheathing: helmets, shields, chainmail, breastplates, … after going through, maybe, a water-trough or two.

(Hmm… White Man talk big!)

For what comes next, however, they will not need their armour busting capabilities.   The choice of their weight, and their dimensional consistency, will be the qualities that shine in our upcoming bench rest experiments.

…That, and the sweet-still air of a placid summer afternoon.

For long range precision, when all the little impediments have been sorted, the air is everything of substance.  Woe betide the shootist that ignores a petulant weather god.

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