I have decided to hold off welding the limb irons until some E7018AC stick rod shows up on Wednesday.  The Tig welding will work best on the outside welds, but there is no way to get the torch head on the inside of the socket to make a decent fillet there.  Stick welding with my trusty old Lincoln AC arc welder seems to be indicated for that.    Not to worry though, there are other things to do.

In the bottom of the photo below, we see a thoroughly garroted winch drum that was made from Ash.  Above it is a new winch drum made from super hard Ipe.   This upgrade promises to do a much better job under the massive compression from the winch rope.

The winch rope that left these impressions in the Ash also caused the drum to emit enough snap, crackle and pop noises that I was forever fearing a limb was fixing to explode.  Not at all the thing when you are cocking this beastie and every errant  sound seems invitation enough to dive for cover.

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