Resplendent in their ugly, orange paint job,  our somewhat expedient versions of a famous third century Roman ballista bolt are just about ready for their trial run.

The diminutive size of these full scale replicas of the Dura-Europos artifact are contrasted with the larger style of bolt we’ve been testing this summer.  While finding ballista bolts that are sticking out of the ground after they’ve traveled more than half a mile downrange is not as difficult as some might imagine, this high visibility color will certainly make the job easier.  These little darts only weigh 276 grams each, while that behemoth of a converted broom handle tips in at 521 grams.    This latter is the same type of monster bolt that made it out to 821 yards several weeks ago.  So,  if they fly straight, it’s anyone’s guess how far our little soldiers of orange will go when they get kicked out of Firefly at 400+ feet per second.

I’m thinking Sunday, if the weather agrees.

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