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Today we shot Firefly for the first time in 2 years.  I was able to get good velocity readings on all 5 shots.  Those are as follows, consecutively, and in feet per second :  307, 304, 304, 313, 301.  The bolt weight was 521 grams.  These speeds are exactly the same as we were getting before she was put into storage; so it seems fair to conclude that, at least with nylon springs, there is no loss of performance due to the torsion springs being kept in an uncocked, yet pre-tensioned condition.    Sitting in storage for that long did not effect her performance at all.   Firefly’s feelin’ frisky again.

Here is a video of my dear old friend Tony Laurent, just over from New Zealand for a visit.   Click for vid:  20150708094923    I had just managed to break the cord that holds the front sight and Tony is checking to make sure his old mate has not lost all his marbles yet.  (“Yet” is a long time, right?)  And now the NZ contingent witnessing the main event:  20150708095008(1)(1)

The first 2 of these 5 shots were waggle tails, and although their muzzle velocities were consistent with the rest of the shots, the wobble in their flight clearly reduced their range by 20% or so.  In this informal test run the machine was elevated to 40 degrees rather than 45 and so, in addition to that pair of waggles, the overall range of all the shots is about 100 yards less than usual.  The two waggle tails naturally fell quite short at 559 yards and 628 yards.  The last three shots fell neatly into a 40 foot circle, the furthest making it out to a tepid 683 yards, again due to the reduced elevation (I keep saying that, don’t I?).  The wind was very mild, perhaps 1 or 2 mph.

I am anxious to to do more formal shooting for group size at 200 and 300 yards, however, until the waggle tails are eliminated there is not much point in that.   On our next outing we will see if the problem is with the projectiles themselves, or if the machine is misbehaving somehow.  I suspect the former.

Sure hope the CG’s don’t become aggrieved at the temerity of that prediction….



The brothers Laurent seemed to dig it all.   Some definite ooh’s! and ah’s! from that quarter when shooting commenced.

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