So, the plan is this:   Do a shot or two every day with the current set of stalward limbs  while  also working on a lighter  set of  Hi-speed,  racehorse limbs.    This “every day” ethic is vital to getting something done.  Back in the day when the Rebecca and Nick were hand making their house they called  this the “plod theory”.  It’s a tortoise and the hare thing.  Anyway, I digress…..

Yesterday I tumbled to an easy way to effectively shorten the current limbs  so we can try a shot with the double string and lead glans.  I will try an experiment this afternoon and report back.    Shortening the limbs is something Captain Harpoon has been trying to get me to do these last few months.  The pace of progress being what it is, only now am I getting to it.

Hmm……Yet again, I digress.  It must be all the recent lead exposure.

New limbs and shoot.  Shoot and new limbs.  Something like that.

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