No more broom handle initiations for our trusty chrono.  Strictly the Ritz from now on.

A couple of tugs on the lanyard and the domed head on that long screw will depress the activation button, then this clever little instrument will start emitting microwave radiation for 30 seconds so that it’s radar sensor can make doppler measurements on the speed of  the bolt.   This chronograph has worked very well for us over the summer, and with this mechanical finger to get it started, it will be a huge improvement over the inelegant way we have been doing it in the past by fumbling around with a five foot pole like some drunken sailor stabbing at spiders.

Ain’t instrumentation cool?

2 Responses to “Stabbing at spiders.”

  1. Charles W. Fink says:

    If you have any final thoughts on the limb design, let me know. I have been reading some of the books you recommended. They fill in a lot of gaps, trying to understand all this to the best of my ability so I can extrapolate relevancy. I am on my way to TX and will look for the best grain of Bois’ Darc to send for you to test. I won’t forget.

  2. nick says:

    Hi Charles. Only just now seeing your comment. We have got to stop meeting like this! (Actually it’s fine. Your comments are always valued.) However, for the important stuff, try me at:

    If you score some Bois’Darc, a couple of pieces minimum of 2 feet long, 3″ diameter, I may be able to use them someday. For now though, I’m committed to the white ash on Phoenix. Sure hope this hasn’t put you out of your way somehow. You are very kind to make the offer.

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