That clunker of a limb on the starboard side, looks like some kind of a dinosaur fossil compared to the sleek little rapier on the port side.

The port side limb is just a rough mock up so I can judge the strength of the radical new tapers.  Current calculations from this mock up are based on volume and weight and indicate that, including the high tensile steel strapping, the new limb will weigh in at around 5 1/2 lbs.    The old limb is 9 1/8 lbs.   That’s a 3 5/8 lb saving.   Apart from the 1 lb saved by going to a new and much stronger steel strapping design at the base of the limb,  a great deal of blubber has been shed as we near the limb tips.  Also, it appears that the new interface between the limb and the spring bundle is such that the torsion spring looks to gain perhaps an inch or so in length.

Goody, goody sez me.

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