In the following video the starboard pawl can be seen to drift down its pivot pin because I have not yet installed the retaining washer.    Click for vid,      20110119175531.    Here is  another short video of the pawls going snick, snick, snick.   The cheesy music is a freebie.   Click for vid,   20110119174303

These new pawls still need to be fitted and shaped, and the eight foot hickory plank that I just acquired must be fashioned into a pair of cocking levers.  All the materials for the stand are stacked in the corner and I am just waiting for a two week window in my mold making endeavors to finish Firefly to the point she will be ready for more testing.   It seems like this project is swimming in delayed gratification.   God!  it’s gonna feel good to finally wind her up by hand.

……. settle down Tucker.

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    To help maximize ranges of bolts, how to calculate a proper FOC and determine a decent bolt weight:

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