It occurs to me that this goofball blog hasn’t shown any videos lately.  These things come in stages and right now our little project is stuck in a non shooting phase.  Eventually this will end and we will get back to some serious catapultery.  In the meantime it may be fun to serve up some video highlights from 2010.

One of my favorites is this 7000 grain bolt delivering the goods at 312  fps to a 1/4″ steel plate, range 53 yards.  The  black stabilizing fins can be seen exploding in all directions.   Click for vid,  20100309103750(1)

Note the neat hole and heat striations where the square headed bolt  clipped the plate.

Or how about this one where my lousy shooting continued to take its toll on all and sundry.   Click for vid,  20100309124009(1)

Ouch! goes the utility trailer.

Then there was that pesky old concrete block that needed it’s innards seen to.   Click for vid,  20100313143734(1)

Punching through a compound archery target, a hay bale,  and an inch and a half of  Doug Fir at fifty yards,  even got the Rebecca’s attention.   Click for vid,  20100306160111(1)

Or that overhead shot showing the entire shooting sequence.  Click for vid,  20100622105903

And out of respect to Australians everywhere.  Click for vid,  20100323155804(1)

Or, how about balloon boy?   Click for vid,  20100323153608(1)

As accuracy got better,  Firefly tackled an old propane tank at 50 yards.   Click for vid,  20100624131007(1)

She even turned in some nice  seven shot, one hole groups before we had to move on and disassemble her for more improvements.

And then there was all that work to figure out a way to make modular springs that could be easily replaced and properly tensioned.  Click for vid,  20100203121555 .   Click for vid,  20100131192826

And don’t even get me started on the “chaffing trolls”.  That was horrible.

Inspired by Dr. Tracey  Rihll’s work in her book “The Catapult”,  we tried firing some lead bullets (glandes) out of Firefly.  At first we just attached a 14 oz. lead egg to the end of a bolt.  The results showed some promise.  Click for vid,  20100322154856(2)

Eventually we rigged a  double string and pouch and  Firefly started tossing true  glandes at the target.   They were less than impressive at first.   Click for Vid,  20100629172822(1).    But with work they started to increase in power.   Click for vid,  20100627140457(1).   And eventually they turned in  some credible performance on the fifty yard range tackling some sheets of 5/8″ plywood.   Click for vid,  20100701161210(1) .   Click for vid,  20100701182936(3)

At the top of her game with glandes,  Firefly performs a useful public service.   Click for vid,  20100720102955(1)

However, at her core , Firefly is a bolt shooter.  Exploring how some of  those deep craters in ancient fortification were made,  four inches of hardened steel slice into a concrete block.   Vid is in 4X slow motion,  20100317133432 .  And then there was all the work to extract it from the block.   It seems possible the Ancients enlarged those craters with a cold chisel as they retrieved their precious bolt heads ,  20100320123108(1)

And through it all, the irrepressible Rebecca has been the soul of patience and good company.  She even has her own research project,  modeling what may well turn out to be the original version of a torsion engine.     Click for the   XXX rated  vid,  20101116134729 .  The lounge lizard narration was just for you Melissa.

I guess that does it for now.   More stuff is in the works.  You should see the inside of my freezer.  So many pig’s heads.  Our long awaited forensic testing can begin in the spring.  ………. I wonder what helmet size that big one is?

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