Firefly is the kind of muscle intensive device that would benefit greatly if served by a crew of athletic young technicians, rather than ….. well…   The ancient Lightning ballista, referred to in previous posts, was apparently wound up by a couple of dudes applying themselves to a pair of spoked wheels.  No doubt a couple of young Schwartzenegger types were chosen for this task.

The wide spacing between the winch sprockets, means that Firefly will have plenty of room between the two cocking levers for a couple of stout fellows to operate.   The finishing details on the winch could still benefit from a good old brainstorming session on body mechanics and crew dynamics.    Sounds fancy, don’t it?  Perhaps I’d better get some help:

Firefly is having a good old think about what she would prefer in terms of a pit crew.

Goofy, freaking project.

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