Stout and sound rather than light and chancy,  guided my thinking on the scale used for this stand design.  Heavy, thumping timbers to give the grunts that have to pack it around something to curse you for.

A truly discerning critique of defunct technologies must take into account the relative stupidity of modern researchers.   If viewed through the eyes of the long gone ballisteri that served in the legions of Rome and who devoted themselves to actually running these types of machine under field  conditions,  well, our efforts would probably leave them scratching their heads and exchanging some serious eye rolls with one another.

These chaps look like they mean business.    I had better have them perched on my shoulder for what comes next.

Are your ocular muscles tired yet?

2 Responses to “The eye roll parade.”

  1. Captn Harpoon says:

    In preparation, heres a sweet simulator to help you understand how angle for maximum range changes with projectile velocity…unfortunately the sim does not provide data for velocities exceeding 100mps.

    It should give you a rough estimate, and it appears you will indeed have quite a range!

    For instance, plug in 30mps at a 33 degree angle. Then bump up velocity to 40mps and assign machine an angle of 45 degrees.

    I am looking forward to testing with the old arm positon and new arm positions using identical draw lengths. Since you have not changed original powerstroke length, it will be a test of whether math wins out OR, The Catapult Gods that be give us a high five.

    NOt really fair as we already know the answer!!

  2. Captn Harpoon says:

    Arggg. gave wrong instructions. Try a series of shots at two different angles, 33 degrees and 45. If you start with 20mps and increase by increments of 10 a pattern emerges.

    Then with sim at 100mps (max)try different ranges at 43 degrees through 47.

    The point here is 45 degrees at higher velocities may not be the optimal number for optimal range. It changes with higher velocities. What angle you should be firing at for max angle will depend largely on what velocity you will be able to generate.

    I hope that makes sense.

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