Because frolicking with catapults is such a cerebral activity for those of us devoured by the bug of making them , oftentimes brutal lessons will manifest as soon as we hit the firing line to see what our little creations can actually do.  Often this comeuppance takes the form of broken or twisted components that have succumbed to some form of ballistic ambition or personal incompetence.  Either that, or we lay content with mediocre or abysmal performance, in fear that our precious creations will explode before we have finished admiring them.

I have always adhered to the belief that if they don’t break, twist, or at least have a few grumpy spells, catapults end up being more decorative than functional and informative.   To this end, Firefly’s current upgrades are just another blip in a long succession of improvements that have made her progressively heavier, yet more powerful.  The end point of this development process must inevitably leave her in a state of rickety balance between those forces trying to tear her apart, and those that strive for a few more foot pounds of performance.  At the risk of pissing-off the Catapult Gods that hold sway in all such matters, I sense Firefly’s final state of “balance” is fast approaching.

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