Here is the setup that was used to tension the dacron back-cable.

And here is what happens when Mr. Man goes one clickity-click too many with this set up. (Note the depressions cut into the limb that were to be used to mechanically anchor the nock whippings.)

Fortunately I had a spare piece of ash, so all was not lost, and today a couple of usable limbs appeared out of this catasrophe.

A smallish whipping on the very end of the tip locked in the tension from the braided cable until additional epoxy soaked whippings could be added to form the nocks. Happily this cordage style nock forms a couple of high-tension compression rings that also protect the end grain on the ash. One day it would be intersting to try a similar binding rendered in sinew and hoof glue, or something.

…. Anyway, past experience has shown that inswingers can get away with minimal nocks so long as there is an additional retaining strap connecting the limb tip to the bowsrtring. More on that later.

These Mk IX limbs are all finished, save for a bit of rasp work and some sanding. They weigh exactly 8 pounds each, and are 3″ longer than the previous Mk VIII’s. Those previous limbs were a chunky 10 1/2 pounds each and are the ones responsible for all the data generated in the last year or so. We are hopeful that this new design of limb will develop much higher velocities.

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