The chalk scribblings of the Lady Rebecca can be seen clinging to Firefly’s nose.  Something about an all seeing eye.   I will have to consult with the Catapult God’s to see if such a thing is to their liking.  Can never forget the Origins.  They control everything.

There is something odd about this photo.  All of a sudden Firefly looks like a table top model that somebody has photoshopped into my shop.  Don’t believe it!  She’s for real alright. The time has come to make her cocking levers.


….. well that last bit sounded hopelessly corny didn’t it?

You could just change it.

…… Nah.   Sometimes I like having a  shoe around with dog pooh on it.  It keeps me on my toes.

You’re an idiot to publish something like that in your blog.

……. Not if one of the reasons for the blog is to push inhibition into a corner to promote a deeper wellspring of creative thinking.  We didn’t get here by taking tap dance lessons,  you know.

Navel gazer!

…… Armchair general.

One Response to “The Origins.”

  1. Captn Harpoon says:

    What is odd about the picture is easily understoond once you know how the universe should work. Its the eye. It has forced you to see Firefly in relation to the rest of your life perhaps. Just one, small, part…of something larger.

    A gentle reminder to keep in mind the world and people around you. Firefllies size is in accordance. The Catapult Gods in one gentle breath have reminded you to take a look about and remember what is important perhaps.

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