When I was a young fella in my 20’s,  I learned the power of Tuesdays.  It goes like this.  I am furiously hack sawing or  filing away at 3.00 o’clock in the morning on various parts for this item.

Eventually, the Rebecca would pad, bleary eyed, out to the potting shed where I had set up a workbench and vise,  wanting to know what an Earth I was doing.  “Tuesday…I have to get it done by Tuesday” was the mumbled reply.  This happened half a dozen times until several Tuesdays slipped their way into history, and she demanded to know which particular Tuesday it was I had in mind for completing my maniacal  labors.    “Tuesday….. got to get it done by Tuesday”  I continued to mumble.   After a while she simply smiled,  gave me a kiss and wandered back inside to do whatever it is Rebecca’s do in situations like this.  Brute that I am, It didn’t take long to realize that this was the perfect answer to any number of questions of the temporal sort.

“When are you going to mow the lawn?”.     Answer:  “Uh, ….. how about Tuesday, dear”.

“when do you think  Zoe will have her puppies?”.      Answer:  “Tuesday I should think.   Definitely Tuesday”.

“When are you ever going to finish this stupid ballista?”

……….. Well,  you take my point.

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