Part of my misspent youth was done at Dad’s workbench using this particular hacksaw.

Dad had brought this tool to the States with him back in ’65.   It resurfaced recently and gave me a major flashback as  I hadn’t seen its familiar shape in forty years or so.  When I was eleven years old and running wild in the woodlands of Berkshire,  I was introduced to metal work by using this saw to cut off short chunks of half inch steel bar.  Two shillings of pocket money each week, could buy enough hacksaw blades to produce scores of these heavy  slugs.    When they were loaded into my slingshot (catapult in Brit speak) these cylindrical “glandes” proved instantly fatal on the big Norwegian rats that were doing a booming business over at the Bracknell rubbish tip.  Back then we little savages were not particularly squeamish about animal rights.

Almost half a century later, rather than helping to bump off vermin, I find myself using this same hacksaw to cut parts for Firefly.  The more things change, the more they ………

……..  well,  probably the rats stayed the same too.

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